How to get 15th Prestige for Free on Call of Duty Black Ops and Black Ops 2

 For Modern Warfare 3, if you want, go to this link to get Modern Warfare 3 10th Prestige
As you may remember, there were many hacks to get 10th prestige on Modern Warfare 2. Black Ops has not been out long and the team over at CODCentral has already came out with one for this awesome game. Why should you have to rank up to 50, then do it 15 more times. It is just not worth it. Lose all your Codpoints every time and have to gain them all over again. Take these simple steps to skip all of that. Gain 15 prestige and be able to have everything unlocked. Play the game and have the most fun ever since you will have every prestige completed and every level done and everything will be unlocked ready to buy.

New Info: There will be a new method to gain free 15th prestige on Black Ops 2 as soon as the game is released. Our team will work on it to get it out to you as soon as possible. Stay tuned.

Have Call of Duty Black Ops in your possession. Put the game in your Xbox 360. From the Dashboard, click play Call of Duty Black Ops. Once the menu screen comes up, hit start. 
Once you have control of Mason in the chair, look down with your right analog stick so you are looking at his hands. Hit LT and RT repeatedly so you bust out of the torture chair. Once you are out of the chair, get up and go directly behind the chair to the computer. Hold X to use the computer.

Now first off, this is the Black Ops cheat menu. There are tons of codes that you can type in here to get different stuff. Different characters in Zombies, different campaign modes, and just random stuff. You can also fully unlock all 15 prestiges for free with just one code. To get this code, you first have to go HERE!  I can't give that code out completely free so do the survey to get the code. It helps me out big time! Once you type in the code, hit Enter.

After you hit enter, it will go through a lot of sequences and it will then look like your game has froze. It will go through a few codes on the computer and then it will restart your game and start back from the menu screen. Now that you are back in the chair, go to Multiplayer and Player Match and you will then see that you have 15th prestige once your name loads up there. This method is a lot easier than Modern Warfare 2's now that Black Ops has a cheat computer system to enter codes at. Do it fast before it gets patched.
You will now be able to show off to your friends that you have 15th prestige. You will have all the titles. You will however still have to pay for your weapons and attachments but everything will be unlocked to buy. Congrats and Good luck!
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